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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can Taco Bell Take Down Chipotle?... I Think NOT!

Check this out!  Can Taco Bell take down Chipotle?

I for one am on "Team Chipotle".  A colleague once told me that when you pick stocks go with what makes sense.  Taco Bell may be good on a day when you are starving and only have $1.25 in your pocket, but come on...Chipotle says, "class", "I'm special" and "you better have at least $10 on you when you walk in here"...

They will charge you the same amount for a "salad" then they do for a burrito (burrito toppings on lettuce), they will charge you extra for chips and guacamole, and they will make you wait in line for 10 minutes...Why? Because they are that good! 

Therefore, if I were a bettin' woman (and I'm not), I would put my money on Chipotle every time!

Taco shells made out of Doritos? Come on!


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