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Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Out There!!! My Financial Journey Update 12/14/2012

All I can say is BOOYAH!!!!!!

No really, its been a tough, tough year y'all. I mean everything that could have happened this year DID, but we are still here trucking along trying to progress...moving FORWARD (my favorite word for this season). 

So in case you need to be can search older posts to be sure...between the last update (March 2012) and today my hubby and I have paid off our 2010 Toyota Hylander!  Yeah!  It feels good.
As you can see from the chart, we knocked out $43,598 in ONE YEAR!

Now all we have left is the student loans...urghhh.

Honestly, those are going to have to wait (a tad)...right now I just want to enjoy Christmas, New Years, and get ready for our 1st real vacation in like 4 years!!!  We are going to Hawaii in 2013...a bit of a bucket list for me, plus I like to stay in the US for a offense.
As I mentioned earlier, 2012 was like the hardest year of my life, professionally and, I'm so ready for New Years! 
I have loads of updates and insight to share in the coming months...more to come...


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